Opinel N°09 Carbon, folding blade

Opinel N°09 Carbon, folding blade

This famous Opinel folding knife is to hand during all your adventures: hiking, camping, bivouacking, hunting and fishing. Extremely versatile, it is the ideal companion for your excursions into Nature.

Our carbon steel is extremely hard, thereby ensuring that the cutting edge is maintained, there is little wear and regrinding is easy.

Opinel blades are all ground to a convex profile - the blade can be ground efficiently and maintains its robustness. To avoid causing harm to the environment (via transport pollution, deforestation etc), 95% of wooden handles come from French logging.
  • High-carbon steel:
    • Very good cutting
    • Easy sharpening
    • Sensitive to oxidation in a wet environment
  • Beech handle, tinted varnish
  • 10 cm Yatagan blade
  • With Virobloc double safety ring