Wetterlings Hudson Bay Axe #180
Wetterlings Swedish Axe Works

Wetterlings Hudson Bay Axe #180

SA Wetterlings are one of the few "proper" Worldwide Axe producers left. They produce very high quality, hand forged products with unbelievable cutting edges made from top quality Swedish steel. SA Wetterlings Axes are impeccable quality and we highly recommend them as they are simply producing some of the best designs on the market today.

The Hudson Bay Axe has a slightly heavier head than the Outdoor axe with a slightly longer handle which is made to fit for both one and two hand use. The two-hand use makes it possible to chop with a greater force making a more universal product than its smaller brothers. With the Hudson Bay Axe you can chop down fairly large trees and is simply a great all rounder.

As the name suggests it is modelled after a historic axe and the design is a tried and trusted one and was fundemental tool for survival in the New World. The Hudson Bay Axe by Wetterlings of today is forged by Rikard Jansson, one of the skilled blacksmiths at Wetterlings Axe Forge in Storvik, Sweden.

The Hudson Bay Axe is also good for limbing, if you need to sharpen a stick or chop some wood. It is ideal for Bushcraft and living the traditional life in the woods, where forest, wood, axe and fire are intertwined.

The Hudson Bay Axe fits in a large back pack, but can also be carried in your belt. It is fitted with a high quality hickory handle and comes with a leather sheath.


  • Total weight 1.35 kg
  • Total length 60 cm (23″)
  • Face: 8 cm (3″)
  • Product number 180